Set of five .40 caliber bullet tire caps for Jeeps and vehciles with an exposed spare tire. Standard Brass or Nickel-Plated Brass finish. The perfect gift for the gun enthusiast in your life. Set of five bullet tire caps for all four tires and the spare!


Show off your love of guns with these brass casing tire caps, handmade from recycled .40 caliber bullet casings. The bullet casings have been loaded, chambered, fired, and ejected from a .40 caliber firearm. 


These tire caps are designed with an actual brass bullet casing and a sturdy screw cap inlay. The brass holds up well in all conditions and protects your valve stems from dirt, rocks, and whatever other abuse you put your vehicle through. These caps are tough, rugged, and designed to show off your tactical side. Whether you're a military serviceman, law enforcement officer, survivalist, doomsday prepper, zombie hunter, or gun buff, these are the tire caps that your vehicle deserves!


The ultimate tactical jeep accessory. 


Please Note: these bullet casings have been fired from a firearm, and as such, the casings may have small dings and aesthetic imperfections. 


* Bullet casing brand stamps may vary.


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